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Applying Instructions


Will the decals harm the painted surface of my car??
The vinyl will not harm the surface of your car. This is the same
material that is used for truck lettering, & commercial signage.

Will the decals affect tint on the window?
No, window tint will not be affected by the decals.

Can I install decals on a freshly painted vehicle?
We recommend waiting a minimum of 45 days after the vehicle has
 been painted for the paint to cure, prior to installing any graphics.

What are the decals and graphics made of?
All our vinyl graphic products are made from high quality self
adhesive vinyl material. This material is first quality and have excellent
workability and removal properties.

Will your vinyl material damage glass or painted surfaces??
Vinyl graphics or lettering will not permanently damage painted surfaces.

How long will the decals last ?
Your decals will last minimum 3-5 years outdoors. In fact we
 have had customers who's decals have lasted longer than their cars!

Can I wash or wax my car after installing decals?
It is best to wait a few days before washing or waxing. Following
that usual care of the car may resume.
Can I install the decals myself?
Yes, our products are easy to install! Simply follow the included
instruction sheet and use a squeegee-like application tool
(complimentary with body graphics)!

Where can the graphics and decals be installed?
These vinyl decals can be installed on any smooth, wax free surface.
This includes glass, Plexiglas, painted surfaces, fiberglass, plastics, etc.

How can I keep my new decals looking good?
Keeping the decals looking good is simple. Wash them with the car, do not
use any harsh chemicals or solvents on them. Wax over the decals when
 possible, and if installing a decal on a vehicle window, be careful when using
an ice scraper in the winter!

*The decal protects the finish of the vehicle's paint or glass surface.
 If decals areleft on the vehicle for long periods of time (more than 5 years
outdoor exposure),the exposed paint on the vehicle will fade slightly, while the
 paint under the decal will not. This will cause a shadow effect once the decal
 is removed. Avoid this by maintaining the paint on your vehicle with wax!

How do I remove the decals?
Vinyl graphics and decals are easy to remove. Simply heat the decal with a
heat gun or a hairdryer slightly. Then using an exacto knife, lift the edge of the
decal and pull the decal. Try to pull the vinyl that is closest to the surface.
Once the vinyl is removed, use varsol or thinners to remove any glue residue.

How do I remove air bubbles after installation?
The bubble effect can happen when large graphics are applied. Once the
decals have been applied, you might find that you have small air bubbles
between the decal and the vehicle surface. Most smaller bubbles will disappear
within a few weeks, larger bubbles can be removed by poking a pin through
 the surface and smoothing out the air with your fingers or squeegee.